Recurrent pelvic organ prolapse: a case report

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Kristina Drusany Starič *
Petra Bukovec
Andrej Zore
Adolf Lukanović
(*) Corresponding Author:
Kristina Drusany Starič |


Pelvic organ prolapse (POP) is a common female condition, which is seen as protrusion of pelvic organs into or beyond the vagina. Its incidence is increasing and every woman has an 11% lifetime risk of needing surgical treatment because of this condition. POP that is recurrent several times is a rare condition; however it can have major negative impact on quality of life. We present the case of a 77-year old Caucasian woman with repeated POP. She underwent six gynecologic operations for correction of recurrent POP. Presentation of this case clearly demonstrates dramatic recurrences of POP and how difficult its treatment and prevention can be. We do not know what the reason for multiple reoccurrence of this condition might be. We need to emphasize that there are no researches on specific risk for an individual patient, which may potentiate occurrence of POP and may affect decisions about surgical procedure.

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